plastic buckets

Cabinet wastebasket

This type of basket is made of high-quality plastic and raw materials and can be ordered in various colors. This product is easy to install on cabinets and drawers and takes little space and is very light and easily washable.

Large outdoor plastic wastebasket

This product is made of polyethylene, which is very resistant to radiation, impact, light, cold, heat, discoloration, and damage. This type of wastebasket has four moving wheels and foot pedals. It also has various colors and is available in 660- and 1100-liter capacities.

Office wastebaskets

Nisham office wastebaskets are made of durable and strong plastics and have high durability and can be ordered in round, rectangular shapes, and have lids. They come in various designs, colors, and volumes.

Hospital wastebasket

This product has a metal foot pedal that facilitate disposal of waste without hand contact to ensure hygienic use for hospital environments where hygiene is of high importance. This product takes up to 60 liters of waste. The body and lid of this product are made of polyethylene, which is resistant to color, form, heat and cold, and has a variety of colors.

Transparent plastic buckets

Nisham Trading Company uses the best raw materials for the production of transparent buckets. They are lidded and can be sealed to be used for storing a variety of dairy products such as yogurt, cheese, dates and other products. These buckets are designed in different sizes, 1 to 10 liters, and in circular, square, rectangular, and oval shapes.

Paint buckets

We offer a variety of paint buckets in different sizes, 5, 10, 20 and 25 kg, and in different designs with best quality.

Grease buckets

Our grease buckets are in different sizes, 250, 400, and 900 grams.